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      1. 品牌疑義:
        "soulful house"是以舒適家居為特點的美國品牌。意為一個充滿舒適的家,同時讓心靈的情感有所寄托和承載。"舒旗美家",為英文品牌名稱的中文音譯,其秉承為每一個家庭送去溫馨與舒適的制作理念,讓每一個中國家庭其樂融融、溫情脈脈.

        他們相愛了,在那一刻牽手,共同設計了一系列的經典作品,開啟了功能沙發的巔峰歷程。經歷時間的磨礪,為世上留下了soulful house這一經典品牌。今天,souful house已經橫跨大洋,來到中國,融合了東方文明的精粹,承載一段段動人的情感。

        Our Brand Story:
        The story was happened in the state of Oregon, middle period of 20th Century.
        House was an excellent young sofa maker. He was proud of his sofa when the people reclined in it comfortably. The idea of create a most comfortable sofa become his power to keen to innovate continually. His requirement on his sofa is to be perfect, and this extremely strict requirement on quality to endow with the soul and vitality for his products.
        Soulful was a young designer for room decoration , she was also keen to innovate.
        In her opinion, a house can be decorated as a home only by using your heart.
        Otherwise, a young is just a house, a house never for ever to be a real home.
        These two youths was casually met in a U.S small town, Roswell. It is the beginning for our brand story and it is also the beginning for a famous brand. The young girl was sitting in the sofa quietly, and feeling her special heart-throb. Meantime , the boy was falling in love at his first sight of the beautiful picture in front of him.
        They loved each other from that moment, and started to work together to design a range of classic function sofa in further. By experienced a long time, Soulful House developed as a famous and classic brand in the world. Soulful House will be arrived in China as well, it brings his soul and vitality from the other side of the world and it also will be jointed with the traditional China culture to play a new story for us.